2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2023

Minutes of Monthly Meeting
January 11, 2023

President Taylor called the meeting to order at 1145 hours in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club January 11th, 2023. Frank Kampsen led the Pledge of Allegiance and all remained standing for a moment of remembrance for the following:

  • Michael Severance #2866, SPD Patrol Officer passing December 14th at 76 years of age
  • Steve Redmond #5763 Active SPD Officer passing December 30th at 54 years of age
  • Hentry Vanderlaan #3134 SPD Detective passing at 79 years of age
  • John Mason #2884 Assistant Chief of Police passing January 1st at 79 years of age
  • Richard Rovig #1920 SPD Detective passing January 1st at 88 years of age
  • Dennis Hossfeld #4401 SPD Detective passing January 10th at 76 years of age

Roll Call of board members showed Taylor, John Nordlund, Nick Bulpin, Rich O'Neill, Dan Melton, Joe Bouffiou, and Dan Oliver present with Terri MacMilllan, Jeff Caldwell and John Sullivan excused.

Riley Bryce was present celebrating his 91st birthday. M/M Joe Tolliver, John Gray, and several others were welcomed for not being to recent meetings.

President Taylor directed attention to the minutes of the December meeting that have been distributed and asked for any corrections, additions or deletions. There being none a motion was made and passed to accept the meeting minutes as written. Nick Bulpin gave a financial report and will submit to audit.

Frank Kampsen, from the Behind the Badge Foundation reported in 2022 the State of Washington had four law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Frank continued with FBI's Line of Duty deaths nationwide for 2022 along with the number of serious assaults requiring hospitalizations that never get reported outside of FBI statistics.

President Taylor reminded everyone the City of Seattle will have seven of nine council seats open in the 2023 elections. Attention and support should be given to those who may help the SPD.

Myrle Carner introduced Sheriff Adam Fortney, elected as 32nd Snohomish County Sheriff in December 2019. Adam spoke of his background in Law Enforcement coming from street patrol to command his department including the jail. The transformation was a challenge trying to balance effective policing while answering the demands of the public and elected officials. He feels he has set goals and visions in keeping with the requirements of being Sheriff and hopefully will succeed. He provided a power point presentation displaying support from across the state from other police agencies.

John Guich and Joe Sanford conducted the door prize raffle. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1230 hours and 55 folks enjoyed a very nice lunch.