Before you go….it’s time to join the RSPOA

  • RSPOA members receive our newsletter, the Call Box, and email updates whenever there is news. 
  • RSPOA meets the second Thursday of every month. 
  • RSPOA pays for our members’ meals at the Annual Retired Officers’ Banquet and subsidizes the monthly meeting lunches.
  • RSPOA monitors the activity in the Legislature and is your source for the protection and improvement of your pension benefits.
  • RSPOA has a lobbyist active in Olympia.

When you leave the department you sever all links with SPD – including the Guild. But, more importantly you lose contact with the friends and associates you developed over your career.

Your only link is the STATE DEPARTMENT of RETIREMENT SERVICES. Nobody there knows you or much cares about you. They are good people but they just administer the pension.

But the RSPOA cares and provides that link to keep you in touch and protected..

Hey — all of that for only $10/month.  It’s hard to beat that!

The RSPOA, the thin blue line…with a touch of gray.