Meeting Information

Next Regular Meeting

Join us for our next regular meeting at the Nile on Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 11:30 am.

The next RSPOA meeting is set for Thursday, July 11th at the Nile Country Club. Once again, a ten-dollar bill gets you in the door where you can sign-in, say hello to Sandy Bulpin then look for John Guich’s table where you can get your winning raffle tickets. Somewhere around 11:45 President Nordlund will ask for order.

After our short informal business meeting is taken care of, Nordlund will introduce our guest speaker Vivian Olson. Vivian is a 1989 graduate of the Air Force Academy. In 1993 she earned her Master’s in Aeronautical Science. She has extensive experience as an Air Force Contracting Officer. For over 20 years she has been a volunteer in the Edmonds community and in 1998 was elected to the Edmonds City Council. She currently serves as the council president. Vivian is knowledgeable in all things local and my even answer the question about how much the toilets really cost on the C-5 Super Galaxy. Once Vivian is finished with her remarks, the lucky winning numbers will be drawn. Everyone can then enjoy a nice lunch buffet where pulled pork will be featured.